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As your local, Marin County, estate planning attorney we offer the following services:

Estate Planning
Living Trust Packages
Advanced Trusts and Estate Planning Tools
Estate Administration
Trust Administration
Estate Contests and Litigation


Nothing is more important than providing security for your loved ones in the time of most need, when you won’t be there to be able to help. This requires thought and action now, when there is time to do what’s needed. You need an experienced and thoughtful estate planning attorney, who is willing to listen and learn what is really important to you, and have your estate plan reflect your needs and goals.


The Living Trust Package includes office and phone consultation and advice from estate planning attorney; attorney preparation of all documents listed below; binder; assistance with trust funding; attorney supervised signing (notary services available upon arrangement).

  • Living Trust states how you want your estate distributed and avoids the high costs and long delays associated with probate; maximizes privacy, and in some instances minimizes or eliminates taxes
  • Living Trust Asset Lists: Advice about what goes into Trust and creation of Trust attachments
  • Pour-Over Will acts as a “back-up” to your living trust with respect to property not in the trust
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Property Management appoints someone to make your financial and business decisions in the event you are incapacitated and unable to act on your own behalf
  • Advance Health Care Directive appoints an agent to make your health care decisions in case of incapacity, and informs your caregivers of your wishes regarding life prolonging treatment, pain management and organ donation in precise legal form
  • Trust Funding: Deeds and transfer documents

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Tools which your estate planning attorney can use separately or in conjunction with your living trust,  so that larger estates can minimize estate taxes, or so that any estate can achieve specific goals: irrevocable trusts; QTIP trusts, QDOT trusts, insurance trusts; charitable trusts; annuity trusts, inter vivos gifts; family partnerships, LLCs.


Once a loved one has passed away, there are a million things to do in administering the estate and carrying out the decedent’s wishes, whether in probate or through a living trust. If you are an estate representative, whether an executor or trustee, you need an attorney experienced in estate administration who knows and can help you carry out the myriad tasks you must do to make sure you get it right.


We assist trustees in carrying out their responsibilities to the estate and beneficiaries. We will advise you on all steps necessary to carry out the Decedent’s wishes without court supervision, assist you and your accountant in tax preparation, and if necessary, make petitions to the court.



Court supervised estate administration. If you are an executor, we will assist and advise you every step of the way, prepare all court documents and reports, and make court appearances.

To learn more about Probate, please visit our FAQ section about probate.


And sometimes there is an unfortunate dispute between those interested in the estate, which leads to litigation. You will need an estate litigator to help you protect your rights, and the estate.

We can represent you in litigation between beneficiaries, claimants and/or estate representative regarding claims that the estate documents or actions of the estate representative are improper, or to seek the court’s approval or instructions as to issues which may arise.

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